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Monday, December 8, 2008

Is This The Ghost Of My Dead Husband?

My husband had bought me a new house for our 8th anniversary then 14 months later he died. That’s when weird things started to happen.

My husband had bought my daughter a new stereo for Christmas the year before he died. The stereo would come on by itself at all hours and the CD rack sounded as if someone was picking through them. She finally put the stereo and CD rack in the garage.

A few months later I put the stereo in my bedroom. On the 1st year anniversary of my husbands death the stereo came on at the exact time of his death. It freaked me out and scared me but since then it hasn’t come back on by itself. But the weird stuff doesn’t end there.

We see a shadow as if someone is walking from the front door into the kitchen and hear dishes rattle like someone is getting something to eat. But that’s not all, one night my daughter was asleep and something pulled her covers off and her closet door opened and closed all night.

One night after she had taken a shower she was looking in her closet for something to wear and the door slid shut right in front of her face. Now she spends more time at her friends than she does at home.

As for me, one day I was home alone and was cooking to take food to a sick friend. I was in the kitchen (my bathroom is on the back side of my kitchen) it sounded like something was in my closet pounding on the wall like it was trying to come through into the kitchen. I packed everything up and left immediately, I was so scared.

Another time a friend was over and we were watching TV. I had went into my bathroom to get dressed for bed when it sounded liked the cabinets in the kitchen were being slammed. When I went into the living room where my friend was I asked her if she found what she was looking for and she said she never got off the couch but thought I was pounding on the wall in my closet.

Since then things seem to happen when anyone is on the computer. My daughter has said that something touches her back and shoulders when she gets on the computer and it sounds like someone is looking over my shoulder and breathing heavy whenever I’m on the computer.

These things are creepy and scary but what can we do? Move, ignore them or just learn to live with them? For now we just live one day to the next.

Story by Paula

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