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Monday, December 8, 2008

Is This The Ghost Of My Dead Husband?

My husband had bought me a new house for our 8th anniversary then 14 months later he died. That’s when weird things started to happen.

My husband had bought my daughter a new stereo for Christmas the year before he died. The stereo would come on by itself at all hours and the CD rack sounded as if someone was picking through them. She finally put the stereo and CD rack in the garage.

A few months later I put the stereo in my bedroom. On the 1st year anniversary of my husbands death the stereo came on at the exact time of his death. It freaked me out and scared me but since then it hasn’t come back on by itself. But the weird stuff doesn’t end there.

We see a shadow as if someone is walking from the front door into the kitchen and hear dishes rattle like someone is getting something to eat. But that’s not all, one night my daughter was asleep and something pulled her covers off and her closet door opened and closed all night.

One night after she had taken a shower she was looking in her closet for something to wear and the door slid shut right in front of her face. Now she spends more time at her friends than she does at home.

As for me, one day I was home alone and was cooking to take food to a sick friend. I was in the kitchen (my bathroom is on the back side of my kitchen) it sounded like something was in my closet pounding on the wall like it was trying to come through into the kitchen. I packed everything up and left immediately, I was so scared.

Another time a friend was over and we were watching TV. I had went into my bathroom to get dressed for bed when it sounded liked the cabinets in the kitchen were being slammed. When I went into the living room where my friend was I asked her if she found what she was looking for and she said she never got off the couch but thought I was pounding on the wall in my closet.

Since then things seem to happen when anyone is on the computer. My daughter has said that something touches her back and shoulders when she gets on the computer and it sounds like someone is looking over my shoulder and breathing heavy whenever I’m on the computer.

These things are creepy and scary but what can we do? Move, ignore them or just learn to live with them? For now we just live one day to the next.

Story by Paula

Was This Ghost Trying To Get My Attention?

The above picture was taken by a witness of a traffic accident.

Was This Ghost Trying To Get My Attention?

Okay I have a story that happened to me when I was about 10 maybe 9 years old. It was the first ghost experience that ever happened to me that I could remember.

I was sleeping over at my cousins house and we were playing this shooting game and he would always try and crouch in between these two couches in his living room where there is this space and we would use that as cover. It was a great place to hide because the arm rests on the couch were high enough so that if you kneeled down enough no one could see you.

It was time for us to go to sleep and my aunt suggested to me that I sleep downstairs because in his room his top bunk was broken and his floor had all these stains. I didn't really care. When I was sleeping down there I couldn't go to sleep for hours and then when I looked at me feet to see if they were covered by the blanket because they were freezing cold they were, but what I also saw at the end of the couch was like someone else posted a shadow sort of person with wild hair and was sort of moaning like if it was breathing and it was just staring. (remember this thing is literally at my feet) At first I was so scared it was the first time I said holy *beep* then I kind of laughed and said "oh my god you scared me so badly haha what are you doing up" because I seriously though it was my cousin.

When it didn't say anything I got scared and started trying to turn my head to see if the light could shine on it and let me see what it was. I was so scared I started whispering while kind of crying a little bit "Ryan, (my cousin) stop it. I'm serious". I was too scared to get up and move to the dining room which was across from the living room and then a door from the dining room leads to the kitchen and then that leads to a music studio which is pitch black, I'm even scared to go into there in the day time, which leads to the bathroom which leads up stairs.

Now there was an easier way. The stairs were literally 16 steps away from the couch I was at, but I would have to go past that thing. So after staying there until the sky outside was turning a dark blue I got up and ran through the long way. When I get to the studio, light was shining through the window and at the window standing was that thing turning its head to watch me run to the bathroom. While running up stairs I see it at the couch area again still looking at me run up the stairs. Finally I reach my cousins room and my cousin is sleeping. I close his door and put a chair in front of it. I woke up my cousin and he swore to God that he was upstairs sleeping the whole time. I stayed in his room and slept on the floor. Now after this other strange things also started happening.

Every time I would stay still in one place I always felt like someone was right behind me breathing on my shoulder, touching me or something (which I was feeling right now and I had to close my moms closet door). So I always had to just get in a room with people and move around or something.

One time, at 12 years old, I tried lying on my bed by myself with the door closed at night and I stayed there and I felt the feeling, but it was getting stronger because I promised I would stay there just to prove, just to show nothing would happen. Something did happen. I felt like if someone was laying their weight on me, not letting me move. I felt like I was spinning. My eyes were open but I couldn't focus or see anything. My breath was held in and the feeling was horrible. Old memories and thoughts felt like they were being spun on a wheel in front of me. I had no emotion to me. It felt like as if it was for such a long time. It ended. My breath was still held. I lay there for little bit. I think in shock and I just cried and cried. I got up and walked to my moms room. I wasn't scared. I don't know what I felt, but I went to my parents room and they calmed me down. Ever since then I've been very jumpy and stuff.

I tried it again. This time I was 13 and the same thing happened again, but afterwards I laughed, and then cried a little bit again because my closet door was getting opened and closed repeatedly over and over again. I stayed though and I tried cussing at this spirit thing. My dad yelled, who's doing that? and he ran into my room and right when he did the thing stopped and he said, what the hell? and I told him. He said I was having a nightmare even though he had heard it himself.

Later on when I was taking a shower I saw scratches on my arms and back and then I heard voices cussing just like I was at it. Again I say this haha I was very scared.

Now I'm 14, these things seem to have stopped happening slowly. I haven't tried but maybe its just because I'm in a new house. I almost want these things to start happening to me again to understand them. Now that I think about it maybe the ghost was trying to get my attention. I'm thinking of getting a Ouija board I don't know. There are a lot of other sort of weird things that happened to me if you want to hear them just add me on myspace * juliancorteznewprofile * I would like to hear your stories.

Story by Julian Cortez

Ghost in the Rocking Chair

by Deborah Marcotte

I am now 55 years old, this happened 35 years ago. My husband and I were living in Monroe where he was going to school to be a pharmacist. I was working for a local bank. We bought a small trailer and moved into a trailer park. Our families gave us some old furniture to help us get started. My Mother-in-law gave us an old rocker which we had to stain and recover.

Approximately one year prior to my husband graduating, I became pregnant with my first child. After seven months into my pregnancy I was laid off. My husband had to continue his schooling; as well as work 4 to 5 hours at night to make ends meet. In my last month of pregnancy I was sitting in my living room around 10:00 p.m. on the sofa watching television with the lights turned off. All of a sudden my old rocker started rocking on it's on, a slow steady rock. My heart started pounding and I could not believe what I was seeing. I was terrified!

I went to my next door neighbors and told her that I couldn't sleep and was waiting for my husband to come home. I did not want to tell her what I had just seen. When my husband came home he would not believe me and said it was because the rocker was sitting over the air condition vent. Now, this rocker was very heavy and I did not believe that one little vent could have made the rocker rock. My husband moved the rocker away from the vent.

My husband continue to work late and two or three times a week, the rocker would rock. Again, it was only late at night and when I was alone. I made every excuse to my neighbors that I could, just to visit until he came home. My husband was really getting tired of hearing me and said it was probably stress over my pregnancy and being laid off.

Well, it continue on until my child was a year old. It was not an every day thing and as she got older (walking stage) it ceased all together. By this time we had moved to another town in south Louisiana where he found a job as a Pharmacist. We moved the trailer with us and again moved into a trailer park.

When my daughter was two years old, I became pregnant again. In the meantime we were building a large home and I was busy buying furniture and appliances for the house. Again, I was in my 8 month of pregnancy at this time.

My husband's boss had a daughter who at the time was 10 years old and she fell in love with my daughter and wanted to come visit every weekend. One weekend she wanted to spend the night and she slept on the couch. At 1:00 a.m. she came to our bedroom crying that she wanted to go home and would not tell us why. My husband called his boss and brought her home. The next day, I visited her mother to see what the problem was and her mother said that she thought she had seen my rocker rocking and it had scared her half to death. I just told her, well she was probably just dreaming.

My second child was a boy, and the whole thing started all over again. Always, when my children were sleeping and my husband wasn't home. He was attending many meetings and was getting home fairly late several times a month. No matter what I did or what I said he would not believe me. He swore up and down not for me to tell a soul and I never have up until the last several years. The rocking again finally stopped after my son started walking, (which for him was a little over a year old.)

In the meantime we moved into our home, which had four bedrooms. I had bought all new furniture and did not want the rocker. My husband said that we would put it in the guest bedroom until we saw his mother and ask her what she wanted to do with it. I left the rocker in the guest bedroom and only went in there when I had to vacuum. I became pregnant for my third child and I kept the door shut and would never, never go in the room.

Sometimes late at night when my husband was not home, I would pass down the hallway and I could hear it creaking and creaking. One time I swore I heard a low voice signing. But I never went in that room the entire time I was pregnant nor after I had my last child which was another girl.

Several months had passed after I gave birth and my husband called and said that two Jaycees were coming to pick up the rocker; as he had donated the rocker to the Jaycees so that they could use it at Christmas time at Wal-Mart for Santa Claus to sit in to talk to the children. Two of the local Jaycees came to my house and I showed them where the rocker was. They commented on how heavy it was and it took both of them to lift the rocker into the bed of the truck.

The rest of this story is what the Jaycees told my husband and me as well: One of the Jaycees was driving and the other one was sitting in the passenger seat. The passenger saw something out of the corner of his eye and immediately turned around and said "Oh My God!" The driver looked in the rear view mirror. Both men said with their voices cracking, I have never in my life seen anything like this before. They were traveling about 30 miles an hour down some back roads and they said the chair just kinda floated up in the air - a little higher then the top of the bed and just flew out onto the side of the highway. The driver pulled over and they both were in total shock. They picked up the pieces of the rocker and went to the pharmacy where my husband was working.

My husband thought they were joking and thought I had told them what had been happening all these years and they both said, No, she never told us anything. Well my husband would not elaborate on the subject and both Jaycees returned to my house to get my side of the story. I told them everything that had happened and I could not believe that two adults had actually finally seen something and I was not just seeing things.

A month or so had passed and I was at my mother-in-law's house when I told her that we had donated the rocker to the Jaycees to use for Santa Claus to sit in to speak to the children. But before I could tell here that the rocker (had fell out the truck) I couldn't tell her what really happened. She said, oh that it is wonderful, Aunt Rose, would have loved that, you see Aunt Rose had 6 children and 13 grandchildren. She rocked every one of her children and grandchildren in that rocker. In fact, one of her children found her dead one morning in the rocker. She had passed away one night and stayed in her rocker until someone had found her. I felt goosebumps all through my body.

I then thought to myself, you know, I was really scared all those times I had seen the rocker rocking, but nothing very bad happened, other than that I was terrified. But now I have come to realize that she just wanted to rock her children, the way I had been rocking mine.

Two years ago I submitted my story to another site and I had an email from the Jaycee who had witness this many, many years ago. He knew it was me who had written it. As it happens he was an editor for the local newspaper and was looking for two popular ghost stories for his head line in the upcoming Halloween section. Well, the story you have just read was published on the first page of our local newspaper.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Empai lama ke udah siku ari urang kereja ba Zoo di Singapore bisi bebadi laban Rimau, unggal tuk baka ke sengaja ka munuh diri masuk dalam kandang Rimau semina bebai ka sebatang penyapu enggau beledi, nitih ke berita unggal tuk agi bedau idup maya ia ke diselamat ke bala iya, tang laban ketup rimau nya kuat amat ba pegu iya, unggal tuk mutus ka seput iya ba rantau jalai ke sepital:

Ku sida ke meda utai tuk nyadi, sekeda ngumbai nya semina "Pertunjukkan" urang ba Zoo, tang enda mukai-mukai, unggal tuk endang amat-amat ka di empa rimau. Tenganga meh sekeda nya diak meda utai nya endang real ko emputih....lalu begegar pala patung, nyau kak tekemik ba tanchut....sempat tudah tuai ngangau minta tulong. Tang sapa meh ke berani... semadi rimau dua nya lari tediri nyau takut ninga rauh nyawa bala ke ngesah kia....


Friday, November 28, 2008


Tengah hari tuk tadi bala aku bisi datai ari menua lalu ngemai lauk, kukus ngut, rusa enggau tapik dabai. Sayur daun sabung bisi mega lalu nya meh ke sup kami sebuat. Apu kenyang amat... lama ga nadai makai utai ke bakatu.. Nya meh menu lauk kami lemai tuk tadi... Pegila lain agi ga, angka manduk sup ikan labang...

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Aku deka ngenang tentang kitai Iban ke belaya enggau diri sebilik pasal reta tengkira ia nya baka kebun, senapang, rumah, tanah pesaka enggau utai bukai ke bisi dalam bilik ke ditinggal ka Apai Indai kitai.

Utai tuk selalu nyadi maya Apai enggau Indai ke udah parai, tauka maya Apai enggau Indai udah tuai enda ulih ngereja agi udah di-ibun anak. Enti anak mayuh, barang sapa ke nyanggup ka ngibun Apai Indai nya meh ke ngempu reta tengkira, nya meh ke patut iya. Tang sekeda Apai Indai laban ke nemu diri empu nyau enda dapat, enggai ka anak belaya ka reta tengkira, semua nya endang udah ditaga ke ngagai siku-siku anak.

Tang ba kitai Iban kelebih agi di rumah panjai, pengawa Apai-Indai ke magi reta tengkira ngagai anak jarang amat nyadi. Apai-Indai enggai meda anak beserara enggau pangan diri, anak enda diasuh kediri, anak mega enda diasuh ngugi tauka nguai ke urang baik ka iya nya anak indu, semua endang diasuh ngibun bilik.

Ketegal nya meh kebuah Apai-Indai enda magi reta tengkira ngagai anak maya sida agi idup. Kemaya hari tuk anak enti udah pandai sida sigi enda diau di rumah panjai, semua ngidup ka diri di nengeri, meli rumah, mulah reta tengkira kediri empu semina anak ke kurang pemandai ke enda ulih ngereja di negeri aja ke ngibun bilik ngereja pengawa umai di rumah panjai. Ia ke udah ditemu aku Apai-Indai sigi enggai dibai anak diau di nengeri, ambih sida iya ulih lama diau di nengeri seminggu dua, pengidup sida sigi di rumah panjai.

Taja pan sekeda anak diau di nengeri, sekeda sigi meruan ingat ka rumah panjai. ngirum belanja ngagai Apai-Indai di rumah panjai, nulong menyadi ke diau di rumah panjai ngemansangka pendiau di rumah panjai. Ari nya tadi Apai-Indai enda magi anak, ngibun enggau enda ngibun, nya meh kebuah enda tepikir ka magi reta tengkira ka anak.

Anak ke kerja di nengeri mega baka urang ke bejalai. Kelia kitai Iban bekereja di Berunai, di Miri, di Bintulu, di Sabah bejalai bekuli di menua urang, tang diatu nya ukai menua urang agi nyau nyadi menua diri empu.

Tang kitai diri menyadi sigi enda ulih begulai sebilik selama-lama tentu mega tiap iku kitai ka ngidup ka diri niri ka rumah tangga ke diri empu, nya meh kebuah laya tau ulih nyadi antara diri sebilik. Menyadi ulih begulai tang ipar enda ulih, pia mega anak.

Nyadi ngambik ka diri sebilik enda belaya enggau pangan diri, enti Apai Indai enda ulih ngatur, anak ke tuai patut mega bepikir ka utai bakatu, ngambik enda charut dudi hari.




Batang Ai/Engkari

Nitih ke jerita ke ditusi Apai aku lebuh maya iya ke agi idup suba, kami tu kebendar ia datai Batang ai, Engkari tang ba senentang ni menua sebelah Batang Ai enggau Engkari nya enda aku nemu.

Ibau Kapit

Ari batang ai enggau engkari kami lalu datai di menua Ibau ari ili Kapit, pelaba tu angka dalam taun 1920 kelia. Di Ibau dia aku enda ingat ba rumah sapa tauka ba Ng nama laban enda ditulis semina ingat bakanya aja utai ke di jerita ka Apai aku.

Ng Sebilat Mujong, Kapit

Ari Ibau kami lalu pindah ke Ng Sebilat Mujong Balleh, Kapit. Tuai kami maya nya benama Siang. Nyadi kebuah kami pindah ari Ibau nitih ke jerita urang (Ukai ari Apai aku, laban Apai aku bedau ada maya nya) laban rumah kami diserang jugam, bisi sekeda kami serumah nya pindah ke ili agi, bisi mega sekeda kami serumah pindah ke Katibas, lalu kami dibai niang tuai Siang pindah ke Mujong (Ng Sebilat) ari ulu rumah Unggang (Diatu enda aku nemu nama Tuai Rumah sida nya dia).

Ng Setapang, Melinau

Ari Ng Sebilat kami lalu dibai Niang Bangau pindah ke Ng Setapang Melinau, sekeda nya tadi kami serumah pindah ke ulu Mujong, Tuai Siang pindah ke ulu Mujong, bebagi kami serumah.

Apai nyadi sedadu
Apai aku kelia kerja nyadi sedadu begulai enggau British di menua Malaya, mayuh kami serumah maya nya nyadi sedadu, kitai Iban sigi endang dipuji urang putih berani. Bisa ga pengelias sida Aki, pengaruh dikena sida Aki ngayau kelia dibai Apai aku nyadi sedadu, nitih ke cherita urang ke bisi meda maya bedara ke penurun sida ke Malaya, berenyang tiang piring ke tinggi (Aku enda ingat ke nama tiang piring nya, sida ke agi pengawa miring angka nemu) laban Raja Remaung, bisi 3 kali negung! lindap tanju tang nadai dipeda. Berapa lama apai aku nyadi sedadu di Melaya aku enda ingat.

Apai kerja nyadi polis
Pemulai Apai aku kerja Sedadu iya lalu boleh kerja nyadi polis di Kapit. Badu nyadi polis apai kerja Survey enggau urang putih di Miri, Survey minyak. Maya kerja Survey dia meh Apai aku belajar nulis, ngira ba siku kitai Iban ke benama TINDIN ke endang bisi pemandai maya nya, Tindin sigi endang pengajar, sekula ke diajar iya di Miri dia enda aku nemu, pelaba aku tentu nya ba St Columba dia. Badu kerja Survey laban ke dipesau ke sida Ini pulai ke menua enda tau enda.

Kerja ba Mission Methodist Kapit
Pulai ke menua, Apai aku lalu diasuh urang kerja nyadi Pengajar ba Ng Meluan Melinau Kapit, laban iya ke bisi pemandai nemu macha, nemu ngira, taja pan nadai Certificate nguna Standard. Matapelajaran ke di ajar Apai maya nya Arithmetic tauka Ngira.

Batu Seputin
Badu ngajar di Ng Meluan Melinau Apai aku lalu kerja terus enggau Mission Methodist di Kapit, nyadi Paderi. Apai aku siku ari urang Paderi keterubah ia di Kapit, lalu bejalai ngajar sembayang tunga ke Batang Rajang ngagai rumah panjai. Quarters kami di Batu Seputin, ari ulu pasar Kapit, diatu nyadi ke Agriculture Training Center.

Pulai ngentak rumah ba Ng Seperin ketegal menua
Bala kaban belayan ke di Melinau enggau sekeda ke enggai ngeleka ke menua ke udah lama udah dirumpang di Ng Sebilat ngenduh kediri sebelah kebun getah enggau tanah temuda lama lalu mesau ke Apai pulai ngirit bala pulai ngentak ba Ng Seperin laban menua nya ka diambik sida Rumah Unggang enggau Rumah Tingang Rantau Enseriban. Apai aku lalu berunding enggau sida Mission nukar ke pengawa ngerembaika ajar Tuhan ngagai sitak Mujong. Ari Ng Seperin meh tempat Apai kerja. Kami lalu netapka diri dia sampai kediatu.


Meri tabi basa ngagai semua kita ke bisi lalu ngagai ruai aku tu, aram meh kitai berandau lalu bejurai ka pengawa, pemansang kitai kemaya ari tu. Selalu mega aku nyenguk ngagai Laman web forum kitai, macham-macham mega komen kedipansut ka kitai, tang kitai semina kutap-kutap berandau ka pemansang kitai bansa Iban ke jauh amat udah tinggal ari bansa bukai. Bisi madah ka kitai Iban nadai segulai sejalai enggau pangan diri, bedengki. Bisi mega madah ka kitai Iban sumbung enti udah bisi utai, udah kaya lalu enda beduli ka tudah ke merinsa. Bisi mega madahka kitai Iban tu enggai besaing enggau bansa bukai ngereja pengawa dagang semina ka ngiga kerja lintas bekuli enggau bansa bukai. Ba senentang utai ke bakatu angka bisi ga amat, laban aku bisi mega ngasai ka ba aku empu, sebedau ka nuduk ka pengawa dagang aku bisi mega betanya ba kaban ke dikelala nanya ka chara-chara pasal bedagang, bisi mega sekeda ka madah tang bisi mega sekeda madah secara negative, lalu mega enggai madah.

Aku mega bisi pengalaman ke pedis sekumbang ke baru nuduk ka pengawa dagang, bisi bansa diri empu (Kitai Iban) urang ke sepatut iya dipebasa ka kitai bansa, ke ulih nunjuk ka kitai, meri peransang enggau penemu ngagai kitai bansa, urang ke bepangkat besai bisi kuasa bepangkat Manager. Pengurus Bank uhhhhh…..aku nadai berutang pia mega deka nginjau duit, semina aku nya tadi ka bekelala lalu madah ka iya pengawa aku laban kedai aku ngimbai Bank. So kitai mesti ka nemu ‘Who is our neighbour’ tang aku chukup kecewa ka perangai urang tu….bejaku sumbung lalu enda chechamang madahka aku “ Hey….be careful, nuan muka studio (Recording Studio & Jamming Studio) ngimbai Bank premises, nemu nuan vibration ari studio nuan ulih ngasuh alarm Bank bemunyi? Client nuan ngamah ka utai sebelah luar Bank! I’ll not hesitate to complain to the Landlord…I warn you!’’ ko iya. Nyadi ko aku, I don’t think vibration sampai ngagai tempat nuan…laban aku sigi nyimpan utai kena nagang bunyi keluar ari Studio. Aku mega madah ka iya I’ve been working with the bank for 10 years, I know how the alarm works. Tang iya lalu majak ka diri ka complain aku ngagai landlord. Aku enda beduli ka warning ari iya lalu nerus ka ngaga renovation, baru 2 bulan business aku udah beoperasi alai aku nerima surat ari landlord meri notice ngasuh aku pindah. Naka pengerugi, cost renovation bepuluh ribu dibuai, aku nadai daya tang terpaksa bepindah ngiga tempat bukai….

Ba penemu aku tu meh siti jalai kepapas ka bansa diri. Nama enggai berunding enggau manah, tulong meh bakani jalai nagang vibration nya.

Bakani ko penemu kitai....patut ka enda?


Bansa bukai enda jauh nyema bansa China endang sigi udah lama mansang dalam pengawa dagang, pia mega bansa Laut udah lebih maju ari bansa kitai Iban. Kitai sama bela nemu laban bansa urang bukai endang beserakup ka penemu, ulih betulong sama diri, nadai ati bisi kepapas ka bansa diri. China bisi Persatuan dagang diri empu (Chinese Chamber of Commerce) bansa Laut bisi persatuan kediri empu (Dewan Usahawan Bumiputra Sarawak)taja pan DUBS nyerangkum kitai Iban tang sida tu chundung ngagai bansa sida empu, kitai Iban kurang diberi perhatian.

Kitai mega bisi Persatuan kediri ianya Dayak Chamber of Commerce (DCCI)tang aku enda nemu sida tu ulih ke enda nulong bansa diri empu laban ngelamatu sekeda penusah kitai Iban nadai ulih diputar ka sida tu. Bansa kitai Iban agi bedau mengkang tusah, lebih agi sida ke Bedaja diburu China kin kia nadai endur tempat ke patut, minta kasih ngagai china. Bala YB mega selalu mansut ka penemu tentang pemansang, tang dedinga aku sida YB semina jaku aja. Enti ka muka kedai kitai mesti ka beguna ka Mudal duit. Ka nanam Sawit pan kitai ka beguna ka duit. Enti bisi tanah be-ikar ikar, bakani ko kitai ka ulih ngemansang ka tanah enti nadai pukok kena?


Siti Lagu dipelaba ke dikerindu ka nembiak kemaya hari tu. Lalu disadang nyadi hit ba Album tu ila. Wawaaa...Steady aku..Bisi meda aya kita ngisin diri main gita ba Video Clip nya dia kita Jang/Endun? WARNING: This song is protected by Copyright act. Barang sapa ke bisi niru lagu tu ulih didawa ba Court under Copyright act....

Maya lapang pengawa aku & anak-anak (ia ke laki) endang sama-sama berminat meda Gusti. Wrestling Idol aku Ultimate Warrior (Jim Helwig)taja pan Ultimate Warrior diatu nadai agi begusti tang ia tetap nyadi Legenda. Padan enggau tusuk tubuh sereta mega bertenaga Ultimate Warrior tetap 'The Greatest Wrestler of the time' selain Hulk Hogan (Tony Bollea)& Rick Flair



Baby boy & Mak iya

Anak Dara aku

Ahli keluarga (Keluarga Abang - Nephew & Nieces)


Tu meh gaya pengawa anak aku, maya lepa enti enda ulangkaji, ngaga gambar diri empu baka gambar antu.

Dedunga kediri nadai kaban. Lelengau, dikurung, dikungkung

Siku ari jelu kayam kedikesayau ke anak aku

Bedau tau ngerayap - Baby boy

Shooting cherita Antu - Ghost Scene 1 Sekeda ari ulah anak aku

Antu lesap - Ghost Scene 2

Guitar Solo - Always Somewhere